About Us

US Steel Builders is a totally free steel building quoting service which connects you to up to 5 metal building manufacturers of quality steel buildings for commercial and residential purposes. Interested buyers can explore this website to find only the best information for commercial and residential purpose steel structures. If you are in search of quality steel buildings, browsing through this website will enlighten you with the details and information you need to know about the different types of steel buildings available for commercial or residential use.

Access to Quality Suppliers

US Steel Builders only uses the best steel building manufacturers whether your building a commercial building or residence. This quoting service has access to companies that only uses the best materials and makes sure that the design suits a buyer’s tastes and preferences. Our suppliers choose only the best brands when it comes to choosing materials and designs. The steel buildings delivered to clients are of the highest quality.


The quotes you receive provide all the information a client needs about the steel building that they want to purchase. The details about the price, how the steel building will be delivered, who to contact, and other pertinent information is listed down for the convenience of clients.


US Steel Builders makes everything simple and easy for users. The site is easy to navigate because of its user-friendly design. This site is an estimate quoting service which is totally free having absolutely no obligations!

Our professional quote services are completely free, easy to use, and have absolutely no obligation. Getting the information in hand fast and easy is our goal. Your benefits from using this service is you will understand that metal buildings will definitely be built at a much lower expense than using traditional building materials.